Monetize FAQs

Users who have been blocked from PiratePay by our fraud prevention system will receive an error message informing them that their account has been placed on hold for potential fraudulent activity. There are a number of reasons why your account may have been flagged by our automated fraud prevention system. The most common reason is that our system detected that you had connected to PiratePay using a VPN. Using a VPN is against the rules and will lead to an automatic ban.

Other reasons an account may be suspended include:

- The use of an Android emulator

- Using a rooted device with unusual in-app behavior

- The use of multiple accounts to earn units

- Running PiratePay on a device farm or account farm

- Using auto-clicker software

- Accessing PiratePay from a region in which it is not available

- Using any programs or software that would allow users to earn units fraudulently without actually playing games.

If you have been blocked from PiratePay due to violations of our policy, you can appeal your ban by submitting a ticket on or emailing [email protected]. Make sure to include the email you used to sign up for PiratePay and a support agent will investigate your case.

- You have to complete all tasks within 15 minutes in order to receive your reward

- You're leaving your phone idle, or you aren't actively playing a game. In order for the app to track your playtime, you must actively play a game. Leaving the game running on your phone without actually playing it will cause the app to stop tracking your playtime, even if the game has idle-play features built into it.

- Always make sure to launch your games through PiratePay rather than directly off your phone, since this will make sure PiratePay can track your playtime.

- Your phone may be on power saver mode. Power saver mode tends to shut off background processes on your device, which results in PiratePay being unable to track your progress while it's running in the background.

- Your reward shows under the history in your PiratePay. Yellow highlight shows pending status ( your reward has not sent out yet), when it turns blue, your reward is on the way. If it's been longer than 7 days and you still haven't received, please send an email to [email protected] with your registered email address. Our support staff will take a look in our database and let you know what's going on with reward.

- If you choose gift card, it can take up to 7 days to arrive, so if 7 days haven't passed yet, there's no need to worry (your gift card would be marked as "pending approval" in this case. Our gift card provider Tango is the one who will be sending your gift card, so make sure to search your inbox (as well as your spam folder) for the word "Tango", not " PiratePay ".

- If you choose to receive Paypal reward, you will receive instruction on how to redeem your Paypal money sent to your registered email address. Please check your email. It can take up to 48 hours to arrive.

- If you choose Mobile recharge, please fill in your phone number to receive your reward, it will be sent directly to your phone number. Please check your text message.

- Please note once a reward has been redeemed, we cannot change it, so make sure to carefully select the gift card you want.

- No, you can't change your email address after registering with us

- Either there was a network failure, or your device setup is incompatible with our app!

Or our AI has recognized a suspicious action and has blocked your account for 90 days or permanently. If you think it was blocked by mistake, please email us at [email protected]. Make sure to include the email you used to sign up for PiratePay and a support agent will investigate your case.

- You might just redeem your reward or removed the app too early (you need to keep the app for at least 3 days)

- One you successfully registered with us, your account will associate with your device and can't be used for other devices. You can register new account for another device.

- We always work towards forming partnerships with new game developers, so there will be some new games arriving in your app in the future, but it is difficult to say exactly when this will happen. The frequency of new game arrival varies greatly based on your geographic region. If you don't have many games in your library that's most likely because you're in a region where we've only started operating recently. If that's the case, don't worry, we're working hard to get more games in your area. Keep checking the PiratePay app on a daily or weekly basis and soon you will see new games to play!

-Different games are offered to different people based on who does game developers want to present their games to. If someone sees different PiratePay games than you, it is likely because different game developers are interested in them, or that you have already downloaded those games in the past and are thus ineligible to use them with PiratePay. For the same reason, it is also possible that some games featured in our advertisements will not appear in your app.